iRobot Introduces Programmable Robotic Vacuum
Jun 24, 2005
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iRobot Corp. introduced the iRobot Roomba(R) Scheduler Robotic Floorvac, a robot that automatically vacuums floors on a programmed schedule. The latest addition to iRobot's popular line of Roomba Discovery Robotic Floorvacs includes built-in scheduling technology that allows users to program the new robot to clean floors at a certain time each day, seven days a week.

Out of the box, Roomba Scheduler's cleaning timetable reportedly features a fast programming set-up with the unit's remote control. Once cleaning times are programmed, the remote is used to beam the schedule wirelessly, via infrared technology, to the Roomba and Virtual Walls, which are now set to switch on and clean right on schedule.

The Roomba Scheduler is built around AWARE(TM) -- iRobot's robot intelligence system. It includes iRobot's Dirt Detect(TM) technology, which senses areas and automatically increases the intensity of its cleaning when needed. The Roomba Scheduler comes with various accessories, including a Scheduler remote control, two special Scheduler Virtual Walls, and a self-charging Home Base(TM).

In addition, iRobot announced a Scheduler accessory pack for iRobot Roomba owners, which updates the software in Roomba Discovery series models and adds scheduling functionality to existing robots.

The company says the Scheduler accessory pack works with all Roomba Discovery series models, including Roomba Red, Roomba Pink Ribbon Edition, Roomba Discovery, and Roomba Discovery SE. The kit includes a Scheduler remote, two Scheduler Virtual Walls, and a software update cord.

"The iRobot Roomba revolutionized cleaning and gave people the power to have a cleaner home with just the touch of a button," said Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot. "With Roomba Scheduler, you program the robot once and the house will be cleaned automatically, without the touch of a button."

iRobot Roomba Scheduler will be available in September for U.S. $329.99 at specific retailers throughout the U.S. The iRobot Scheduler accessory pack will also be available in September for $59.99 at Hammacher Schlemmer and The Sharper Image stores.

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