Electrolux Outdoor Signs Agreement with Battery Manufacturer
Jun 22, 2005
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Electrolux Outdoor Products announced that it has signed an agreement with Firefly Energy, a battery manufacturer launched in May 2003 as a spinout from Caterpillar. Firefly will develop and produce a new battery technology on an exclusive basis for the Group’s outdoor lawn products.

Firefly will receive equity and engineering funding of U.S. $ 1.7 million from Electrolux in order to develop the first version of its advanced lead acid battery for Electrolux.

"Electrolux can see a great potential in Firefly Energy’s advanced battery technology," said Johan Dyberg, vice president of Core Technology for Electrolux Outdoor Products. "Even if this project is at an early stage, we believe Firefly’s technology allows us to introduce new levels of cordless power and efficiency to our customers."

Firefly says its technology utilizes the same chemistry as lead acid batteries, but replaces the heavy metal historically utilized in those batteries with an advanced composite material. The company claims this minimizes end-of life corrosion problems and maximizes battery power/energy.

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