CookTek Partners with Restaurant on Induction Cooktops
Jun 22, 2005
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CookTek, a U.S. manufacturer of induction cooking and heated delivery systems, has partnered with Chicago, IL, U.S.-based restaurant Alinea. As part of the relationship, CookTek has installed induction cooktops and will work closely with the restaurant on innovation, consultation, and feedback.

In Alinea’s kitchen, CookTek says its induction cooktops outnumber gas ranges 12 to one. Chef Grant Achatz, who opened up his restaurant over a month ago, says he and his staff prefer the accuracy, power, and control that induction offers.

"Using CookTek's induction burners allows me not only the speed, precision, and control I require, but with no ambient heat coming off the burners, the kitchen stays much cooler than it would with traditional burners firing," says Chef Achatz.

CookTek says working with the restaurant has been rewarding and has served as a learning tool. Alinea features a degustation menu offered in courses of eight, 12, or 27. The menu changes periodically, so Chef Achatz says ease and versatility of the induction cooktops adapt well to the kitchen. The partners both say they look forward to research and development opportunities that will develop out of their relationship.

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