Samsung, LG to Focus on Export of Premium Goods
Jun 21, 2005
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Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics plan to bolster export drive for premium products in the second half. LG Electronics will reinforce export of premium models of mobile phones, PDP TVs, LCD TVs, LCD monitors, air-conditioners, air-conditioning systems, and drum washing machines. The consumer electronics appliance manufacturer will concentrate efforts on marketing of these products in North America, Europe, BRICs, and the Middle East.

LG Electronics intends to promote premium brand image in markets for stand-type air-conditioners, air-conditioning systems, two-door refrigerators, drum washing machines, PDP TVs, and LCD TVs in China. In North America and Europe, the company will market cutting-edge displays including PDP TVs and LCD TVs. It also intends to expand exports of PDP modules, LCD monitors, optical storage systems, PCs, home theaters, and DVD players.

In the second half, Samsung Electronics plans to give a big push into export of digital audio systems including MP3 players, attempting to regain the 'red ocean.' To this end, the company recently absorbed planning and marketing units of its MP3 player division Samsung Bluetek. It will put focus on supply of price competitive MP3 player models. The company will also intensify export of digital TVs and camcorders, including the new model, 'Miniket Sports.'

In addition, Samsung Electronics will augment export of premium appliances such as digital TVs, two-door refrigerators, 'Quatro Freedom' 4-door refrigerators, 'Home Center Future Refrigerators,' and drum washing machines. It is now producing 90 percent of digital media and consumer electronics appliances at its overseas facilities, including slim CRT-based digital TVs manufactured at plants in the U.S. and Europe. (KoreaITNews)

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