LG to Launch Super Slim Color TV
Jun 20, 2005
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The slimmest color television in the world is on its way to India. Come October, LG will launch of its new Super Slim 32 in color television in the Indian market. LG plans to use this model to capture the large Indian television market that demands more conventional televisions rather than high-end products. LG plans to target the semi-urban and rural Indian markets to sell more of these televisions to gain a larger market share. Its latest development is a 71 in PDP, the widest television to be mass produced in the world.

The LG plant in Gumi is busy preparing the assembly line to produce 500 of these television sets a month to cater to the increasing demand for this product in West Asia and the U.S. Priced at U.S. $80,000, this is one of the most expensive high-end television available in the world, and has a life of 66,000 hr. LG already has developed the proto type of a 100 in PDP television but says that it will not be mass-produced in the near future. The good news for the Indian consumer is that LG will launch its 47 in PDP in the country.

LG's latest R&D product, an adaptation of the LCD monitor for mobile phones that renders a clearer, brighter picture because of liquid color display, is the next big thing in mobile phone technology. This will be a "flexible display" monitor the size of an A4 sheet of paper that can be rolled up and plugged into the mobile anywhere.

LG Digital Display Company in Korea spends over 6 percent of its total revenue on R&D. LG spends over $2 billion every year on R&D and has a work force of 2,100 engineers. LG believes that the future of television is HDTV and forecasts a time span of 10 years before countries like India change over to the HDTV format completely. (Sify.com)

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