Matsushita to Sell Nanotech Hair Dryer in Japan
Jun 8, 2005
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. has announced it will begin sales of a new type of hair dryer that has nanotechnology functions starting June 21. While drying, the product will provide the hair with moisture by blowing nanometer-scale ions. It will sell for about 18,000 yen (U.S. $165), and the firm plans to produce 9,000 units a month.

Matsushita included in the hair dryer its own "nanoe ion" generator equipment used in its air purification products. The dryer's tank is filled with special water or a commercially available purified water. With the application of high voltage, small droplets with a roughly 18 nanometer radius are generated. These are blown on the hair to give it moisture.

Matsushita says the nanoe ions will aid damaged hair, helping to make it supple and strong thanks to their high water content. The company maintains that its new dryer will provide superior treatment compared with dryers that generate negative ions because they have a lower water content.

The company commands nearly half of Japan's hair dryer market on a unit basis. With advanced-function dryers, it aims to further outdistance its competitors and raise the average unit price for hair dryers.
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