AHAM Dishwasher Standard Gains ANSI Recognition
Jun 3, 2005
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The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) announced that its recently updated performance standard for household electric dishwashers has been approved by ANSI as the American National Standard.

The revised test procedure, called ANSI/AHAM-DW-1-2005, includes clarifications and editorial changes made by AHAM’s DW-1 Task Force and the ANSI consensus panel. The revisions do not affect the final testing results as obtained if following the preceding 1992 and 2004 versions.

AHAM says the updated standard establishes a uniform, repeatable procedure or standard method for measuring the cleaning performance of household dishwashers. Revisions reflected in the ANSI approved 2005 version of DW-1 include a clarification of the standard’s scope and updated specifications for the dishware, silverware, and the rinse agent to reflect current practices. Also included is a clarification of the specified detergent concentration, updated ambient room conditions, and clarified soiling and loading techniques.

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