Samsung, Airgo Launch the World's First MIMO Laptop
Jun 3, 2005
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Airgo Networks, Inc., a supplier of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology, announced that Samsung will ship the world's first laptops with embedded MIMO-enhanced Wi-Fi technology.

The new Samsung X20 models will offer MIMO-enhanced wireless performance while maintaining complete interoperability with 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a/g devices. Airgo's True MIMO takes advantage of multipath and transmits multiple signals in a single 20-MHz radio channel, multiplying the effect in both data rates and reliable coverage area without using any additional spectrum. True MIMO refers to the specific form of MIMO based on spatial multiplexing as defined by all major proposals for the next generation 802.11n standard.

"Given their significant technology lead, Airgo's True MIMO is the best fit for embedded wireless in our new high-performance Samsung X20 laptops," said K.H. Uhm, vice president of Marketing for Samsung. "Together, we are enabling the mobile office by offering a standards-based platform with wireless connectivity that outperforms all other embedded solutions on the market."

NPD Techdata reports that sales of Wi-Fi products with Airgo's True MIMO chipset have been growing at a 48 percent monthly compounded growth rate since the first full month of shipping in the U.S. retail market.

"As people rely more on wireless connectivity for their computer networking at work and at home, they are learning that the quality of their wireless connection is one of the most important buying factors in choosing a notebook computer," said Greg Raleigh, president and CEO of Airgo Networks.

In its second generation chipset, Airgo has reduced the overall bill of materials (BOM) cost by about 20 percent and reduced power consumption by 18 percent. According to third party testing conducted by The Tolly Group, Samsung laptops with embedded True MIMO technology provide a more reliable user experience with 8 times the speed and 13 times the coverage as compared to the same notebook model with the latest model of the Intel Centrino wireless card. Power consumption testing also shows that Airgo True MIMO technology is 2.1 times more energy efficient than Centrino wireless, resulting in dramatically improved battery life when Airgo True MIMO solutions are embedded in the laptop.

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