Eros to Carry New Hitachi Refrigerators and Vacuums
Jun 1, 2005
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Eros Group, sole distributors of Hitachi appliances and one of the leading retailers in the Middle East region, announced the launch of the world's first Nano Titanium Refrigerators and vacuum cleaners from Hitachi.

Nano Titanium is a nanoparticle antimicrobial agent. Titanium oxide has been used as photocatalyst, and is a technology for deodorization and anti-bacterial measures, which has been recently put to practical use. The catalyst has been reduced to the "nano" level using Japanese original technology to produce a no-light catalyst, thereby improving its effect.

The Nano Titanium range of refrigerators from Hitachi incorporate the Triple Clean System, which is a circulation type cleaning system composed of three functions: Nano Titanium, Cool Jet Wrap, and Minus Ion. The Triple Clean System is installed in both the freezer and refrigerator compartments deodorizes and eliminated bacteria.

According to Hitachi, Nano Titanium particles measure a mere 5 nm, which is about 1/200 of the size of traditional anti-bacterial agents or 1/1000 of the size of bacteria. This enables the Nano Titanium's catalyst action to eliminate bacteria and odors protecting the food with clean chilled air.

The Nano Titanium refrigerators are available in 15 models in colors such as pure white and twin tone silver. Also, stainless steel doors are available on larger models models measuring 610 L and upwards. The new range of Hitachi refrigerators are available at all Eros Group outlets in the UAE.

Hitachi also launched the Nano Titanium range of vacuum cleaners which have seven layers of filters that make up a synergistic filtration system capturing micro particles at the nano level. Each stage of filtration is said to achieve maximum antibacterial and deodorant effects, ensuring clean-up of the living environment using Nano Titanium Technology. Acting hand in hand with the Spiral Cyclone System, each Hitachi Vacuum cleaner traps and filters odors and dust particles.

The Nano Titanium vacuum cleaners are available in two models -- 1,800 W and 2,000 W capacity. (AME Info)

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