Electrolux Launches Talking Washing Machine
May 27, 2005
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Electrolux has launched its Communication washing machine, an appliance that helps users by confirming their actions vocally. This latest innovation from Electrolux actually tells the user how to use the appliance and makes laundry a piece of cake. Today's washing machines offer multiple programs for every type of fabric and many additional options such as delicate wash, extra rinse, and easy iron.

Unfortunately, consumers do not always benefit from such special functions, as they often find household appliances complex in operation. Many feel doing the laundry would be more efficient and less burdensome if information about how to operate a washer or drier was easier to access.

To help consumers take full advantage of their appliances, Electrolux has developed Communication. This feature guides the user through the entire washing or drying process, indicating operational errors and making the entire process much simpler.

Washing machines equipped with Communication technology greet the user with a little "jingle" of 3 to 4 notes when the appliance is switched on. If more than 6 sec passes before the start button is pressed, the machine will suggest pushing this button or choosing one of the options.

Communication will even indicate if the door has been left open or if the tap has not been turned on. The appliance will also announce when the program has finished. If an option is selected, the voice will describe the benefit of that particular program. For example, if the Easy Iron option is chosen, the user will hear the message "helps prevent creases to make ironing easier."

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