Elica and Zephyr Create an Alliance
May 27, 2005
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From the partnership between Elica and Zephyr, an important U.S. distributor, the Elica Collection-Zephyr, co-branding has been conceived which presents products from the Elica top range collection adapted and certified in compliance with the U.S. market standards. The alliance between Elica and Zephyr was made official at KBIS in Las Vegas, NV, U.S.

The managing director of the Fabriano Group, Francesco Casoli, introduced this partnership. "It is with great enthusiasm that the Elica team joins up with Zephyr on occasion of this important KBIS 2005," Mr. Casoli commented. "The challenge that the two firms have taken on is particularly stimulating, because it unites Elica's innovative ability in design and technology, with Zephyr's extreme professionalism and passion in distribution and service towards the market. The combination of these two cultures, Italian and American, create a mix of design and performance which can not be equaled in the products on the market today."

The objective of Elica is to strengthen its own image with high-quality products, in a market in which the extractor hood product still maintains a classical standard. The presentation at Las Vegas by David Lewis, a designer that has put his name to many products in the Elica collection, intends to convey a strong message of innovation in the direction of design, and also technology. The Elica Group also participated at KBIS with another two companies in the sector, FOX from Padua and Jet Air from Cerreto d'Esi.

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