Samsung Targets 24 Percent Share in Middle East's MP3 Market
May 20, 2005
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Samsung Electronics has further strengthened its presence in the region's MP3 player market with the release of 10 new digital audio players. Chief among the digital audio players unveiled were the YP-F1, a necklace-type wearable player exclusively targeted at female users; a color JPEG image viewer player powered with 20-GB hard disk drive (HDD), the YH-925; and a motion sensing games-embedded player, YP-T8.

J. H. Park, president of Samsung Gulf Electronics (SGE) said, "With the launch of our newest range of unique digital audio players Samsung will consolidate and grow its MP3 market share to 24 percent in Middle East. In 2005 we aim to grow our MP3 business by 100 percent in the region."

The 256 MB memory-size YP-F1 comes with changeable covers in three colors. It is targeted at female users and comes in a necklace design or clip mechanism. The YP-T8 player, featuring a 2 GB flash memory, voice recorder, and FM tuner, also includes built-in motion sensing games. The player, loaded with pre-installed gaming software, can play games in 3D using hand movements instead of button operations.

The YH-925 features a 260 K color TFT-LCD and a 20 GB. The device supports MP3, WMA, Ogg, and is compatible with secure WMA. Users can choose preferred format, and download favorite songs from a variety of online music providers. The YH-925 offers features for audiophiles in addition to its expanded multimedia capabilities.

The other models Samsung showcased included the YP-53 audio player, available in 128 MB to up to 1 GB memory, featuring a unique USB pin that allows the audio player to act as a USB host for file transfers. The YP-60, targeted at sports enthusiasts, featuring a heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and stop watch functions with armband for sports usage and a high-end 2 GB flash memory player, the YP-D1, which comes with a 2-megapixel still digital camera function. The YP-D1 will be available by the end of the second quarter. (AME Info)

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