Whirlpool's Charles Jones Wins Design Award
May 20, 2005
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Charles Jones, Whirlpool Corporation's vice president for Global Consumer Design, has been named by Fast Company magazine as its 2005 "Impact Player," as well as one of five "Masters of Design" for guiding the company in "cultivating a distinctive branded look and feel that better differentiates its product lineup" from the competition.

Mr. Jones was presented the award on May 17 at Fast Company's "The 2005 Masters of Design" celebration at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, U.S. The magazine dedicated its June issue to the subject of design, highlighting five of the most influential business designers.

The profile of Mr. Jones in the June issue, titled "Whirlpool Finds Its Cool," outlines Whirlpool's brand design and innovation strategy since 1999 and describes the importance of design in bringing innovative, distinctive branded products to market. The Whirlpool brand Duet front-loading washer-dryer pair and the KitchenAid brand briva in-sink dishwasher were cited in the profile as examples of functional, innovative, and brand-centric design.

Mr. Jones, who joined Whirlpool in 1995 after leading product planning, business strategy and development organizations for Herman Miller and Xerox Corporation, said, "I'm grateful to the editors and writers at Fast Company for highlighting the importance of design in today's intensely competitive business world. But most of all, I'm indebted to Whirlpool Corporation for giving our Global Consumer Design team a seat at the table, viewing design as a critical core competency and embracing the significance of design among our strategies to retain our leadership position in the industry."

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