Inventec to Ship 3 Million Handsets in Taiwan, China
May 12, 2005
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Mobile phone equipment manufacturer Inventec Appliances said that it expects its combined sales of OKWAP brand handsets to total 3 million units in Taiwan and mainland China in 2005, with its market share in the China market reaching 3 percent.

According to Daniel Lee, president of Inventec, the company is currently the third largest vendor with a 10 percent market share. The company has set its sights on raising its share to 20 percent in the Taiwan market, Mr. Lee said.

Sales of OKWAP brand handsets totaled 500,000 units in the first quarter, according to Mr. Lee. The company said that it will set up a branch in Guangzhou and Beijing, respectively, to boost its handset sales in the southern and northern China areas in hopes that the performance of these areas can catch up with its performance in Eastern China where the company now holds a 4 percent market share. (Digi Times)

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