Wolf Introduces Residential Induction Cooktop
May 11, 2005
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Wolf Appliance Company announced that it will debut its induction cooktop at retail showrooms in the fall 2005. The company is reportedly one of the first to make residential induction cooking available in the U.S. and Canada.

Induction cooking uses the transfer of magnetic energy rather than flames or electric elements to generate heat. When an iron or magnetic pan is placed on the cooktop, electricity passes through coils beneath the glass surface to produce a magnetic field that heats the pan directly. Within the magnetic field, molecules in the pan vibrate at very high frequencies, and the friction creates instant heat.

The 15-in wide unit contains two heating zones, a 6-in diam front zone and an 8.5-in diam rear zone, for a total of 3,600 W of power. While the zones are simultaneously capable of producing 1,800 W each, a special "Hi-Power" mode on the rear element can increase its power to 2,200 W by diverting power from the front element. According to Wolf, this allows a cook to quickly boil water or sear meat and still maintain normal cooking functions in the front.

The induction cooktop features illuminated touch controls with graduated lighting, hot- surface indicators on both zones, universal off and child safety lock keys, and "True Melt" and "True Simmer" settings on all elements.

Additionally, the induction cooktop features built-in sensors to detect boil-dry situations and a temperature limiter to ensure that the safe operating temperature of glass ceramic is never exceeded. The company says the glass surface features a subtle crosshatch pattern to reduce the visibility of scratches and that the black ceramic top is also resistant to staining, impact, and heat.

The induction unit joins Wolf's six other 15-in integrated modules that are designed to allow homeowners the ability to mix and match multiple cooktop units. Consumers can choose among an electric cooktop, electric grill, electric steamer, electric fryer, gas multifunction cooktop, dual burner cooktop, and the new induction cooktop to customize their kitchens.

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