Kenmore Designs Fruit and Vegetable Bin in Refrigerator Door
May 11, 2005
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Sears has introduced a new Kenmore Ultra Fresh(TM) refrigerator with a "Fresh-n-Ready bin" designed into refrigerator door that is also said to extend the life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

"The Fresh-n-Ready(TM) bin protects delicate fruits like berries," said Tina Settecase, vice president and general manager of Home Appliances at Sears, Roebuck and Co. "And it's located in the door to provide easy access to healthy snacks. Consumers told us they don't like reaching into the refrigerator for a peach or a head of lettuce, only to find it spoiled. The combined features of this new Kenmore model address those issues in big way."

The bin holds food at the FDA recommended 40 degrees or lower. According to Sears, Its location on the door keeps fruits and vegetables two to three degrees warmer than the rest of the refrigerator compartment, which helps provide proper temperatures to maintain quality and extend shelf life. The bin is composed of three separate compartments and comes with a berry basket for rinsing and storing delicate fruits like grapes.

The Ultra Fresh(TM) system has independent electronic controls. Sears says setting exact temperatures offers more control in proper food storage, while having separate thermostats in the frozen and fresh food compartments effectively regulates the temperatures to within +/- one degree.

Other features include humidity-controlled crispers; the Kenmore "Pulse Defrost," which is said to minimize temperature changes that occur during automatic defrost cycles in the freezer; and Kenmore's PUR Ultimate(TM) water filtration system.

The new refrigerator will be available Memorial Day weekend at U.S. Sears stores and Sears Hardware and Appliance stores. It is available in white, stainless, bisque, Ultra Satin, and black. The 25-cu-ft model will be priced in white at U.S. $1,399.99, and the 22-cu-ft model will be priced in white at $1,349.99.

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