Axion Introduces Widescreen Portable DVD Players
May 2, 2005
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Axion announces two new widescreen additions to its complete line of portable DVD players. The AXN-6090 and AXN-6053 are reportedly slim and light-weight.

Axion DVD players let you watch TV or DVDs, listen to CDs and MP3s, play SEGA games (with optional Gaming Joystick), or view pictures from a CD or DVD. Axion's TFT LCD widescreens display the full image of DVDs and come with rechargeable batteries and car and home power supplies.

Both new Axion portable DVD players feature Axi-Port-a connection for Axion's TV/Cable tuner, new Axion Gaming Joystick, and display for GPS systems. The gaming joystick provides games from the SEGA Classics collection. Other features of the DVD player include high brightness/contrast TFT LCD screens; wide screen (16:9 aspect ratio); remote control (credit card style); stereo speakers with headphone jack; supports DVD, CD, MP3, DivX(a), and VCD formats; and a.c./d.c. power options (rechargeable battery, wall plug or car adaptor). Axi-Port options include SEGA Classics gaming joystick; TV tuner (VHF, UHF, and 181 Cable channels); and GPS display input.

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