Climate Energy, Honda Develop Micro-CHP Heating Unit
Apr 27, 2005
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Climate Energy LLC, a manufacturer of home heating products, and the American Honda Motor Company, a maker of engines and electrical power generation products, announced they have created an appliance that will give U.S. homeowners the ability to create electricity from the energy they already use to heat their homes.

Climate Energy's Micro-CHP (micro-sized combined heat and power) System will reportedly combine proven space-heating technology with Honda's new MCHP engine/generator unit. According to Climate Energy, its residential combined heat and power technology achieves a combination of thermal comfort, energy efficiency, environmental benefit, and affordability.

Operating with natural gas, Climate Energy says the new product is configured to replace existing space heating furnaces and boilers in new and existing homes. With the new unit, electric power is said to be produced as a by-product of the normal supply of heat to the home, reportedly providing lower electric bills and lowering overall energy use and pollutant emissions.

According to the company, for the average user of Climate Energy's Micro-CHP System, up to 4,500 kilowatt hr (kWhr) of electricity can be generated annually, providing approximately a U.S. $600 reduction in annual electric costs. The system is also expected to yield a 30-percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional heating appliances.

"This is real," said Dr. Eric Guyer, CEO at Climate Energy. The technology is ready today and will change the way the home heating industry does business."

The MCHP unit incorporates Honda's engine, emissions-control, and solid-state power conversion technologies in an integrated package that meets the requirements for residential combined heat and power systems.

Climate Energy says the new system will bring many environmental benefits to the homeowner that could previously only be achieved with solar and wind technologies, but without the installation requirements.

"We are excited to use our MCHP technology for this partnership with Climate Energy," said Wade Terry, vice president of Honda Power Equipment, the Honda division responsible for overseeing the company's involvement in the project. "In the last 2 years, we have placed over 15,000 similar units in homes in Japan and the results have shown that the technology works and works now."

Climate Energy Micro-CHP Systems, powered by Honda(TM), will be offered through certified and experienced home heating contractors. Limited field test installations will be conducted throughout the year in coordination with state and local authorities and energy utilities. Introduction to the general market in specific regions is expected in 2006.

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