Hotpoint May Institute Temporary Lay Off
Apr 27, 2005
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The 400 manufacturing workers at the Hotpoint plant in Peterborough, Cambs, UK may be laid off for another week in May, or work a month of 4-day weeks.

Indesit, which owns the Hotpoint brand, has said the long-term future of the factory is not in doubt. Production was being halted to help rebalance stock and production levels.

The appliance maker said in a statement: "We are in discussions with union representatives with regards to the temporary short -time working practices we are introducing at the end of this month and a proposed lay-off period in May, which has already been communicated to production staff.

"This is a temporary move to rebalance stock levels and production of cooling appliances without having to affect the number of core employees."

There are 1,400 people employed at the plant, which is also the company's UK headquarters. (BBC News)

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