Samsung's Introduces Speech-To-Text Technology
Apr 19, 2005
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Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung) announced the availability of the p207, one of the world's first EDGE phones with VoiceMode(TM) provided by VoiceSignal(TM). With revolutionary speech-to-text input technology, the p207 offers users the possibility to dictate text messages.

The p207 offers a practical text-input method, relevant for a variety of consumers. When typing text messages becomes time-consuming, the p207's VoiceMode integrates dictation to speed up the process.

With a built-in dictionary, the user trains the p207 through a series of spoken prompts that captures voice tone and intonation. After the user adapts the system, they are ready to begin dictating messages. The more frequently VoiceMode is used, the more it adapts to the user's voice. In addition, the user can dictate the recipient by name or number.

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