Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Builds U.S. Facility
Apr 19, 2005
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HVAC manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric HVAC announced that it is building a new facility in Suwanee, GA, U.S. for its corporate office and distribution center. The company says the new facility is due to an increase in the number of product shipments, a boost in employee numbers, and a need to enhance its training center.

"In just the past year, we've seen a significant increase in product shipments. This, combined with the need to enhance our distribution processes prompted us to invest in the future of our company and our employees," William Rau, senior vice president and general manager of Mitsubishi Electric HVAC, said.

The new facility will provide an additional 42,500 sq ft of office and warehouse space. The new complex will also house the Atlanta Training Center (ATC). Complete with seven fully operational M- and P-Series Mr. Slim(R) and CITY MULTI(R) systems, the ATC will be fully functional for the 2- and 3-day training sessions the Division offers.

"Complete with better lighting, architecture and even one of our own CITY MULTI systems for environmental comfort control, the new facility is sure to enhance employee productivity and maintain positive morale. This new facility is just another way we are exhibiting our leadership principles in the HVAC industry," Mr. Rau said.

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC said it expects to move into its new location in April 2005. Mr. Rau said he does not anticipate any service disruptions to distributors during the transition.

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