Siemens and Integra5 Combine Telephones with TVs
Apr 5, 2005
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Siemens Communications, Inc., and Integra5 Communications developed cable television with voice over IP (VoIP) caller ID and voice mail notification. The companies will demonstrate this technology at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association's National Show in San Francisco, CA, U.S. April 3-5.

This technology allows a cable viewer or cable Internet user to be alerted with the name and number of a caller before the home telephone even rings. Call logs and voice mail information can also be graphically displayed on the television screen as well as on a set-top box LED display provided by a cable company.

"The view of VoIP continues to evolve from plain old telephone replacement to a new model offering features and benefits that customers have never experienced before," said Dr. Eyal Bartfeld, president and CEO of Integra5. "Triple-play operators understand the value of using televisions and personal computers as visual channels to deliver advanced communication services to subscribers."

For residential subscribers, Integra5's UniTV application is joined with the Siemens SURPASS cable architecture to support multiple set-top boxes, personal computers, and phone lines per household. Cable subscriber services powered by the Siemens and Integra5 solution may also include features such as the display of mobile phone call information, call blocking, e-mail message notification, and SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging.

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