Samsung and Time Warner Bring Two-Way Cable Standard Closer
Apr 4, 2005
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Samsung Electronics and Time Warner Cable announced the completion of an important Open Cable Applications Platform (OCAP) TV milestone that will enable the OCAP services of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks to run on any Samsung OCAP TV. The OCAP TV requirements jointly developed by the two companies were based upon Open Cable and OCAP standards, as adapted to the world's first integrated digital OCAP TV. The announcement is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Samsung, Bright House Networks (BN), and Time Warner Cable in January 2005.

As on of the first companies to fully engage in the Cable Host Interface License Agreement (CHILA), Samsung is offering a variety of digital services to consumers. Time Warner Cable's OCAP Digital Navigator (ODN) electronic program guide will provide detailed information about programming on TVs manufactured with the specification. Other Multiple System Operators (MSOs), cable programmers, and third party developers will deliverer OCAP applications to the Samsung OCAP TV, introducing customers to a whole new world of digital game applications and high-definition programming. At CES 2005, Samsung has already demonstrated the Time Warner Cable OCAP Digital Navigator and applications from Sprint, Digisoft, Starz, Aircode, and others. (PR Newswire)

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