GE Places Order for Refrigerators with Sampo
Mar 30, 2005
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General Electric (GE) representatives in Tianjin, China recently placed a large order with officials from Taiwan's Sampo Corp. for 200,000 large-sized refrigerators, according to Sampo.

GE officials also visited Sampo's second refrigerator production line in Tianjin. Sampo's ranking officials in Taiwan, however, kept a low profile about the business with GE.

Sampo's Tianjin plant set up a second production line late last year to double its annual capacity to 700,000 refrigerators, and the facility will serve as a contract supply base for GE. After the capacity expansion, the Tianjin plant can produce both medium- and large-sized refrigerator models.

According to Eric Chen Sampo's vice chairman, his group will focus on the production of medium- and large-sized refrigerators to sidestep price-cutting competition from rivals across Taiwan, and will grab more contract-supply businesses from Chinese home-appliance brands. (EGov, Taiwan Headlines)

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