Salton Adds Digital Cameras, LCD TVs to Product Line
Mar 18, 2005
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Small appliance manufacturer Salton, Inc. has added to its Beyond(TM) Connect Home product line with the ePods digital camera and portable entertainment system and LCD TVs.

The Beyond product line, which focused initially on a series of network-able devices for the contemporary kitchen, has now extended its reach into the consumer electronics segment.

The ePods offers a number of features including a Digital Camcorder that records high-quality digital video and easily transfers it to computer for viewing and editing; a Digital Still Camera that takes high-quality digital still pictures (up to 6 megapixels, software interpolated); a Digital Music Player that allows the user to listen to MP3 music files with the provided earphones or through the internal speaker; a Voice Recorder that allows the user to record and listen to voice memos on the go; a Web Camera for live video conferences over the Internet; and Portable Storage which allows the user to store movies, photos, songs, voice memos, and other documents directly on the 128-MB built-in memory, as well as optional memory expansion cards (up to 1GB using SD or MMC memory cards).

“This device is attractive because it encompasses so many different and easy to use portable entertainment options in one product,” said Bob Lamson, managing director of Beyond. “It offers a new kind of mobile entertainment and communication system suitable for the family, business, and recreation.”

ePods are available online at, and at additional e-commerce and several retail outlets.

According to Salton, it also added LCD TVs to the Beyond Connected Home product line as an elegant addition to the connected home of the future. The LCD TVs are HDTV-compatible with WXGA resolutions of 1,280 by 768 and feature a widescreen format. The LCDs are versatile with a number of audio/video (A/V) inputs for a true multi-function display panel.

Beyond’s WXGA resolution is said to make the TVs ideal for displaying Internet content and data so they can be used as a computer monitor in addition to watching your favorite channels in High Definition. The TVs feature multiple inputs, including DVI, Component, Composite, RGB, S-Video, and a convenient front RCA A/V jacks that allow for DVD movie playback, camcorders, computer, and TV simultaneously with its split-screen and PIP (picture in picture) features

Beyond LCD TVs are currently available in 23- and 26-in models. Salton will also launch a wireless TV hub later this year.

Included for an April launch are a 17-in widescreen with built-in DVD player. The TV/DVD combination incorporates the DVD mechanism called “Ultra Slim” design found in many automobile designs.

A super high-resolution 1,366 x 768 32-in model with DNX Pixel Works video processor is also planned for April release.

Beyond will showcase all new LCD TVs, and even a new 40-in Beta set scheduled for August release at House wares 2005 trade show.

“We are excited about presenting LCD TVs to our customers," said Frank Giannuzzi, director of Consumer Electronics for Salton/Beyond. "We have a very comprehensive product road map that we will be rolling out as the year unfolds."

Beyond LCD TVs in 23-in and 26 in models are currently available online at or

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