Sharp to Start Sales of Water Oven
Mar 16, 2005
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Sharp Corporation will begin worldwide sales of its innovative "Healsio" Water Oven (Superheated Steam Oven), which roasts food, using water in the form of superheated steam.

The company will begin targeting areas in Asia, and will make its first launch of the oven outside of Japan in mid-March 2005 in Singapore, where several Asian culinary cultures merge and whose citizens are widely recognized as having a high level of health consciousness. Subsequent roll-outs will take place in other Asian markets, including Indonesia and Hong Kong. Plans also call for the oven to be introduced in Europe and North America during 2005.

The water oven was first introduced in Japan in September of 2004, and uses superheated steam to roast food, delivering approximately eight times more heat energy than a conventional convection oven. In the process, the food is bathed in a spray of superheated steam at a temperature of 300°C, causing a portion of the fat and salt contained in meat and fried foods to quickly melt and drop away while retaining nutrients such as vitamin C in steamed vegetables.

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