Digital Cable-Ready HDTV Sales Forecast to Reach 3 Million
Mar 15, 2005
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An estimated 3 million Digital Cable-Ready (DCR) sets will be sold factory-to-dealer in 2005, building on the installed base of more than 1 million sold last year, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced.

CEA also repeated its call for all industries to help promote digital television (DTV) and educate consumers about the transition.

"The DTV transition is booming with more than 16 million DTV units sold since introduction," said CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro. "But while consumer education remains key to the successful completion of the transition, a few key educational efforts are completely missing."

"For instance, it's a no-brainer that broadcasters should be promoting DTV on their analog channels," Mr. Shapiro explained. "Unbelievably, they are not. And cable -- the industry that by law must create a competitive retail market for cable equipment -- must join in promoting Digital Cable Ready sets and the requisite CableCARD. Beyond that, the CableCARD must be made readily available by the cable operator at an affordable cost."

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