Energizer, Techtium to Co-Develop Hybrid Battery Technology
Mar 15, 2005
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Techtium, Ltd., an Israeli based, privately held, semiconductor company, and Energizer Holdings, Inc., a St. Louis, MO, U.S. manufacturer of batteries, announced the signing of a Joint Cooperation Agreement to jointly pursue the development and marketing of innovative hybrid battery solutions for portable power devices.

Energizer, with its expertise in alkaline and lithium primary batteries, and its extensive specialty battery product portfolio, and Techtium, with its integrated chip and hybrid battery technology, say they hope to leverage their combined strengths for the development of hybrid battery solutions that can provide extended battery life and power by drawing on a device's existing rechargeable battery, as well as a secondary battery system, either primary or rechargeable.

The goal of the joint venture is to accelerate economical power solutions for original equipment manufacturers by providing additional power for portable devices that require more battery life for their current features, as well as power for other innovative features that are not currently possible because of today's limited battery life and runtime.

"We are extremely pleased to align with Techtium, Ltd., a pioneer and leader in the development of hybrid batteries and integrated power management solutions. Our plan is that, together, we can quickly integrate power solutions for today's and tomorrow's portable electronic devices," said Dan Carpenter, Energizer's chief technology officer. "We have the unique opportunity to create cavities for our extensive range of products by combining our development efforts with Techtium."

Guy Weinstein, president of Techtium, Ltd., added: "By combining Energizer's extensive battery technology, innovative products, particularly their patented primary lithium batteries, and their global distribution with Techtium's innovative hybrid battery solutions and integrated electronic chips, we hope to meet the needs of the world's electronics industry for revolutionary power solutions that are small, economical, reusable and safe, as well as powerful."

The companies are now in the process of working with some of the world's leading cellular, audio, computer and other portable electronic device manufacturers to integrate the revolutionary Techtium hybrid battery and charging technology, powered by Energizer batteries, into new devices.

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