Bosch Turkey Revenues Climb 25 Percent
Mar 11, 2005
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The Bosch Group of companies in Turkey continues to grow at a fast clip, with turnover rising 25 percent in 2004 to 1.5 billion euros (approx. U.S. $2 billion).

"We've exceeded our target and achieved a tremendous 700 million euros (approx. $940.3 million) in exports alone last year, with more than half, or 393 million (approx. $527.9 million), coming from automotive," said Bosch Turkey General Manager Mehmet G├╝rcan Karakas.

Bosch has five factories in Turkey: three automotive plants in Bursa, a white goods factory near Istanbul, and a heating systems plant in Manisa. The company also markets its power tools, building systems, and Blaupunkt multimedia systems, plus gas control mechanisms.

Bosch companies employ 3,600 workers in Turkey and foresees a total more than 4,000 by the end of the year.

Nationwide, the company has a total of 451 sales points, 59 of which sell automobile spare parts, 332 for power tools, and 60 Blaupunkt products. A total of 215 service centers provide after-sales services, with 104 service centers for cars, 49 for power tools, and 40 for Blaupunkt products. (Turkish Daily News)

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