LG Electronics Wins Nine Design Awards
Mar 11, 2005
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LG Electronics announced that it received the 51st-anniversary International Forum (iF) Design Award 2005 from iF, a German-based authoritative industrial design association, for nine products, including a HDD-embedded 50-in plasma TV.

The South Korean appliance maker received the design awards for three products in 2002 and 2003 respectively, and for its two products, including a 48-in LCD projection TV and a laptop PC, in 2004.

The company's iF Design Award-winning products this time include a HDD-embedded 50-in plasma TV, the world's largest 55-in all-in-one LCD TV (DN-55LP10), 3G mobile phone (model: Mulan U8300), instant messaging (IM) mobile phone (model: LG-F9100), 7-in portable DVD player (DP 8800), and SolarDom light-wave oven (MP-9483FL).

LG's 50-in DCR plasma TV, which is said to be the first to embed a 160GB HDD to a plasma TV and combine a HD-DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with it, adopts the same design as a 60-in plasma TV, a CES 2005 innovation-winning product. The model can store up to 13 hr of full high-definition broadcasts, or 62 hr of analogue-based broadcasts, and its two slots can support 9-standard memory cards.

Meanwhile, the DCR plasma TV was selected as a superior product among the CES-exhibited products in terms of innovation, creativity and progressiveness, by Popular Mechanics.

The company's 55-inch LCD TV equipped with a set-top box is designed to receive digital broadcasts. The model is equipped with XD Engine (a chip for DTV picture enhancement) designed to perfectly handle digital signals and also drastically improve the brightness and contrast ratio by resolving problems, which are caused by a difference in signal strength in the course of transmission. In particular, the model adopts a 1,920 × 1,080 (1,080p) resolution, thus implementing a full high-definition picture quality twice that of existing digital TVs.

The IM (Instant Messaging) phone (model: LG-F9100) allows one to use messengers such as AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo. Also, with the IM phone, one can push a QWERTY method-based keyboard (PC keyboard) to the right in a slide-fashion to enjoy messenger and e-mail services anywhere, anytime.

Launched in 1954, the iF Design Award is designed to support superior product designs and manage product development systems, and is a traditional and prestigious award in the industrial design industry alongside the US IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award).

The iF Design Award uses its 10-item screening criteria such as practicality, safety, durability, ergonomic features, originality, environment-friendliness, conservation and reuse of resources, visualization of usage and function, high-quality design, and sensory and intellectual stimulus.

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