Panasonic Launches Range of Air-Conditioners
Mar 9, 2005
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Panasonic has launched a range of Panasonic air-conditioners with air-filters capable of inactivating or neutralizing 99 percent of airborne allergens and viruses.

"The environment-related subsidiary of Panasonic, Matsushita Ecology Systems Co., Ltd has developed a revolutionary air filter that can neutralize or inactivate a variety of airborne allergens and viruses," explained Rajendra Nadkarni, divisional manager of Projects and Engineering. "Panasonic will incorporate the filter into air treatment equipment including air purifiers, humidifiers and air-conditioners to create clean and healthy indoor environments."

The air filter features an anti-allergen material called Super Alleru-Buster. The Super Alleru-Buster filter contains an anti-allergen as dead dust mites and their waste products, pollen, and cat dander, which ordinarily could pose great health hazards.

This mode of inactivation is systematic: the allergens are caught by the filter--phenolic hydroxyl ions then cling to the allergens--the allergens are coated and inactivated. As a matter of action, 99 percent of allergens are inactivated by the product. This is the first filter in the world that has a demonstrated effectiveness in neutralizing animal dander or mold spores.

The air-conditioner is also effective in conserving energy as it is designed to ensure good airflow. The flap design and auto air-swing function optimize room comfort by giving the user finer control over the airflow direction.

Other features include a supersonic air-purifying system with a supersonic wave that collects dust particles for faster, more efficient purification; Super Ioniser, to ensure constant flow of naturally healthy air by generating rich negative ions; and a Blue Fin Condenser, coated with a rustproof anti-corrosive coating, making it last three times longer than normal condensers. (Times of Oman)

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