Capresso Espresso Maker Receives Top Rating in German Test
Mar 2, 2005
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Automatic coffee and espresso center maker Capresso announced that its Jura-Capresso IMPRESSA F7 (sold as the Jura Impressa F50 in Europe) received the top rating in an independent test conducted in Germany.

Stifung Warentest, a leading German product testing magazine with a format similar to Consumer Reports, gave this model the highest rating among 14 machines tested, noting that it produced by far the best espresso. The report also includes endurance testing, running 6,000 coffee cycles through each machine, as well as checking for undesirable trace elements in the coffee, such as aluminum and lead. The IMPRESSA F7 had no detectable trace elements that made it stand out from the other products.

"In the years that we’ve been selling super automatics in the U.S., I’ve paid attention to what’s happening in Germany because the market is two to three years ahead of us in this segment of coffee equipment," said Michael Kramm, founder and president of Capresso. "Watching trends in Germany makes us optimistic about our sales growth potential and especially about the unique products we have to offer."

The test results are given on a 5-point scale, with 1 being the best and 5 meaning failure. The IMPRESSA F7 received the overall highest rating at 1.8, while all other Super Automatic models received scores of 2 or worse.

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