Inverter Controls in White Goods Set to Explode
Feb 24, 2005
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The number of major home appliances using inverter-based, variable-speed control solutions is forecast to multiply four-fold between 2003 and 2008, according to a recent report from IMS Research.

The report reveals that the electronic content of major home appliances is set to rise sharply over the next 5 years, partly driven by this growing adoption of inverter-based, variable-speed control solutions.

"Total volume shipments of inverter-based, variable-speed controlled home appliances are forecast to rise from 25 million units in 2003 to nearly 100 million units in 2008," commented Ann Bird, one of the report’s authors at IMS Research. "Most of the volume growth is forecast to come from refrigeration appliances, room air-conditioners, and washing machines."

According to Ms. Bird, the main drivers for this increased use of inverters in white goods are consumers' desire for better performance in their appliances, the trend towards increased energy efficiency, and the declining cost of inverter-based, variable-speed control solutions.

The report also found that Japan was easily the leading country for the use of inverter-based, variable-speed control solutions in 2003. However, high growth is forecast for Western Europe, North America, and China over the next few years.

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