China to Implement Appliance Energy Labels
Feb 18, 2005
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According to the China National Institute of Standardization, China will attach energy labels to household air-conditioners and refrigerators, effective March 1.

The move marks the first time China will use energy labels, which are used in about 37 countries and areas.

The labels, that read with both Chinese and English versions of "China Energy Label," will be attached on the face of the appliance. The name of the producer, the type of the appliance, and its energy-saving grade will also be marked on the label.

Household air-conditioner and refrigerator manufacturers can fill in the labels themselves. The China National Institute of Standardization is authorized to check the information, which the producers are responsible for.

Li Aixian, a senior official with China National Institute of Standardization, said using the same standard to test all products will be helpful for the healthy development of China's market economy.

The label will also remind the manufacturers and consumers to save energy, Mr. Li said. Air-conditioners and refrigerators were selected the first group of products to receive the labels because they are popularly used in Chinese households and the two industries have become relatively mature and standardized in China.

According to the institute, the labels will eventually be applied to other energy-using products such as televisions, washing machines, and water heaters. (Xinhuanet)

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