FTC Announces Appliance Energy Efficiency Web Site
Feb 16, 2005
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The Federal Trade Commission has unveiled a new Web site for consumers who want to compare the energy efficiency and related costs of major appliances before they buy them.

The site -- www.ftc.gov/appliancedata -- offers energy-use data for each different model of refrigerator, refrigerator-freezer, freezer, clothes washer, dishwasher, pool heater, and room air-conditioner.

It also provides links to online data for water heaters, boilers, and central air-conditioners, and features a cost calculator for estimating the yearly operating cost of many of the featured appliances. The site allows consumers to compare the energy efficiency of appliances without going to a showroom to compare EnergyGuide labels.

The information on appliance efficiency is part of the agency's energy and environment Web site, www.ftc.gov/energy, which has information about home, automobile, and other consumer purchases.

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