Oral Irrigator Technology Granted Patent
Feb 8, 2005
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The UK has granted Alab, LLC, a R&D company and small appliance maker, patent GB 2,389,312 for its oral irrigator invention. The company now has 45 U.S. and foreign patents protecting its QuickPure(TM) technology for small ozone appliances.

According to Alab, the QuickPure Oral Care Appliance cleans the mouth and teeth by irrigation with water containing dissolved ozone. Ozone, which is a potent germ-killer and oxidizer can reduce or eliminate gingivitis, gum bleeding, bad breath, teeth stains, thrush, and harmful oral bacteria.

The QuickPure system is said to automatically adjust for variable water quality and flow, while destroying biofilms, endotoxins, and pathogens with ozone. The company says an ozone sensor provides assurance of proper operation.

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