Hitachi, Panasonic Collaborate in Plasma Display Business
Feb 7, 2005
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Hitachi, Ltd. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. have agreed to develop and expand the plasma display (PDP) market under an agreement that includes R&D, production, marketing, and intellectual property.

The agreement between Hitachi and Panasonic is aimed to further develop color PDP technologies and promote growth of the plasma TV market on a global scale.

Although the specific points of collaboration are to be discussed and implemented progressively, some of the points currently agreed upon by Hitachi and Panasonic include the following:

In order to increase cost competitiveness by establishing standards for PDP module components, the companies will jointly explore whether and how they can work in liaison with component manufacturers.

An effort will be made to further strengthen the technological capability of the companies through the exchange of up-to-date PDP news and information from around the world.

Standardization of next-generation production facilities and mutual benchmarking of production processes will be explored to boost PDP production capacity and efficiency.

The companies will collaborate in reaching out to consumers with easy-to-understand explanations of the advantages of PDP from the customer's viewpoint, including its wide viewing angle, motion picture performance, color rendering capability, and other picture quality features.

Intellectual Property
Hitachi will consider setting up a company to manage its PDP patents. Panasonic will consider investment into the company, which will enable a continuing and stable cross-licensing relationship between the two companies.

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