Colorado Appliance Efficiency Standard Passes House Committee
Feb 3, 2005
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By a vote of 12-1, the Colorado House Committee on Business and Labor passed a measure to make appliances sold in the U.S. state more efficient.

The Appliance Efficiency Standard, HB 1162, will require minimum efficiency standards on 15 appliances not already covered by federal standards and will save Colorado up to U.S. $530 million, environmental group Environment Colorado said in a release.

Supporters of the bill include he Consumer Federation of America, the South West Energy Efficiency Project,, Colorado Lighting Inc., and local restaurant owners.

"Increasing Colorado's energy efficiency is a smart, easy, and cost-effective way to solving our increasing energy needs," said State Representative Alice Borodkin, who is sponsoring this bill. "Colorado has already taken some big steps towards cleaner energy by passing Amendment 37. The next step is making sure that we use that energy wisely. By implementing efficiency standards on these commonly used appliances we can be sure that businesses and consumers are getting the most bang for their buck."

Select light fixtures, exit signs, traffic signals, pool pumps, commercial refrigerators and freezers, and commercial clothes washers are among the products included. U.S. states Connecticut, California, Maryland, and New Jersey have already adopted efficiency standards on these products and others.

According to Environment Colorado, HB 1162 now goes to the full House for consideration.

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