LG Unveils 3G Handsets in India
Feb 2, 2005
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LG Electronics India has launched a range of 3G handsets. The launch has made it the first to unveil 3G handsets here.

The 3G handsets -- U8110, U8120, U8130 and U8138 -- are UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) handsets and will offer a download speed of 384 Kbps compared to a normal GPRS speed of 48 Kbps.

UMTS is an evolution from 2G and is said to provide higher capacity, data speeds, and new service capabilities from second-generation mobile networks. It also features additional benefits of automatic international roaming, integral security, and billing functions.

The "extra slim clam-shell models" have features like live video streaming capability, video conferencing capability, 3D gaming, continuous video recording, auto launch browser, and USB support.

CM Singh, LG's head of Consumer Electronics and GSM said, "3G networks is becoming a reality in India in times to come. Thus, the idea behind showcasing the latest handsets in the Indian market was to make people aware of the features of such handsets and how 3G networks will redefine mobile usage experience." (TechTree.com)

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