TMIO to Start Production at Tennessee Plant
Feb 1, 2005
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David Mansbery said his appliance firm, Tonight’s Menu Intelligent Oven (TMIO), Inc., has about a dozen employees now and should have about 50 in coming months.

He says his TMIO Intelligent oven has been a hit at consumer trade shows, saying delegates were lined up for hours to inspect it. The oven allows users to remotely start dinner via their computer or cell phone. By the time you arrive home, your meal is ready to eat.

Mr. Mansbery said the appliance will sell for U.S.$7,500, but argues that there is a payback in 60 weeks for those who use it at least three times a week and avoid the cost of eating out.

"Now you can get healthier meals instead of fast food," he said.

Mr. Mansbery said the cooking appliance has two chambers and both work as convection ovens. He said the unit also has the capacity to keep food cold until it is ready to be cooked.

The unit is said to contain no dangerous formaldehyde and has halogen lighting on the sides instead of glaring from the back. Mr. Mansbery said it cleans itself in 2 hours instead of four, saving on energy.

In addition, technicians don't have to come to your home, he said. Instead, they can diagnose problems from the main plant using computer technology in the "virtual repairman" program.

TMIO expects to begin shipping stoves, which will be manufactured only in the United States, in April after getting final UL approvals. The ovens will be produced at the company's plant in Chattanooga, TN, U.S. The facility is a former Cavalier Corporation manufacturing factory.

Mr. Mansbery said of the Chattanooga-based endeavor, "Basically, we're taking on the entire appliance industry." (

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