Appliance Exports Earn Iran $48 million
Jan 27, 2005
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Export of home appliances earned Iran some U.S. $48 million during March 2003-2004, said the secretary of Home Appliances Industries Council, adding that the figure would increase remarkably in the next 2 months.

Habibollah Ansari said at the Fourth International Home Appliances Exhibition that Iran exports home appliances to European countries, including Germany, France, and Britain, Central Asia, and some African countries.

"Export is like a tree with its roots deep in the production sector," he said, adding that exports could not be promoted without an improvement in the production sector.

He said while there is a huge potential for exports in Iran, the export sector is struggling with high production costs and low export incentives.

Mr. Ansari said if an Iranian company manages to enter an international market for the first time, it would deserve special incentives from the government.

"These incentives include lower taxes and greater access to raw material," he said. The official added that the number of companies participating in this year's home appliances exhibition has increased by 25 percent from last year.

"Some 210 companies have put on display various kinds of home appliances, including gas ovens, heaters, refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, washing machines, etc.," he said, stressing that the active participation of domestic firms in the exhibition indicates their efforts to promote competition and exports.

He said some 35 major foreign companies are also represented in the event.

Mr. Ansari said billions of rials have been invested in the sector over the past 6 years, adding that the industry has developed in spite of the increase in smuggling of home appliances. (IranMania)

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