China Almost Finished Developing Digital TV Standards
Jan 21, 2005
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Policy making for digital TV standards in China has entered the final stage, an official of the State Development and Reform Commission said.

Speaking at the 2005 China Market Forum on Electronic and Information Products, Xu Qin, deputy director of the commissions Department for New and High Technologies, said that making of the state standards for digital TV is now at the final stage, following major breakthroughs in 2004.

Mr. Xu's remarks were also confirmed by Wang Bingke, deputy director of the Economic Operation Department of the Ministry of Information Industry. However, the two officials declined to disclose the specific time for promulgation and which program would be adopted.

It was learned that two programs, put forward respectively by Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiatong University, are vying for the final victory.

Digital broadcast will be adopted for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and the related technologies and standards will have to be completed before 2006. That means standards will have to be finalized by 2005. (XIC)

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