Engineered Glass Products Earns UL Approval for Towel Warmers
Jan 18, 2005
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Engineered Glass Products (EGP), a supplier of heated glass, has earned UL certification for its new line of towel warmers.

EGP says it hopes to expand the market for its Hot Glass(TM) towel warmers to upscale hotels and homes nationwide. Hot Glass uses transparent thin film conductors to provide uniform heating across the entire glass surface.

"Consumers have been limited to traditional radiator design when looking for the comfort towel warmers offer. Now, they have a beautiful alternative that also performs exceptionally well," says Mike Hobbs, CEO of EGP.

Towel warmers are a new venture for Chicago, IL, U.S. based EGP. The company's engineers are continuing to expand the range of applications for its Hot Glass technology. The technology is already under development for use in radiant heated glass windows, as well as for use in appliances and office furniture.

"We're pioneering a brand new technology at EGP. The range of applications is almost limitless, and our engineers are breaking new ground every day," says Mr. Hobbs. "We believe Hot Glass will soon become commonplace and indispensable in the kitchen, in the bathroom, at the office, and everywhere."

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