GAMA Offers Downloadable Efficiency Ratings
Jan 18, 2005
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The Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA) announced that it is now offering a new service for energy-efficiency programs and other businesses that rely on up-to-date product energy use data.

According to the association, registered users now can download data from GAMA's Consumers' Directory of Certified Energy Efficiency Ratings and I=B=R Ratings directory in a format that is compatible with any database or spreadsheet software, including Microsoft Excel.

An annual subscription to the service allows users unlimited downloads of product listings, including residential furnaces, boilers, and storage and tankless water heaters, radiant baseboard and finned tube heaters, and commercial boilers and water heaters.

GAMA's new service also includes the certified energy-efficiency ratings and energy performance details from GAMA's Consumers' Directory.

GAMA says the service supplements its free "Search the Database" feature on its Web site, which enables users to verify energy efficiency ratings for free, based on the product brand and model number.

All products in the directory carry GAMA's Certified Ratings or I=B=R certified ratings mark, indicating that efficiency ratings are subject to verification by GAMA through independent testing.

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