Sears to Sell High-End Color Appliances
Jan 14, 2005
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Findings from a national survey commissioned by Sears, Roebuck and Co. and conducted by Harris Interactive(R) show that more than half (56 percent) of homeowners overall would be willing to upgrade appliance choices for their new home. According to Sears' vice president and general manager of appliances, Tina Settecase, the laundry room is commanding a position of new importance in the home.

"New homeowners perceive the laundry room as a new utility and multi-tasking room, and they are not happy with their current laundry setup," she said.

The survey helped reveal reasons why homeowners crave a laundry room makeover. Laundry rooms are seen as too small or cluttered (62 percent) and disorganized (35 percent). The surveyed homeowners think they need to better decorate their laundry rooms (25 percent), and some said they do not like their current washer and dryer (21 percent).

"With laundry rooms migrating from the basement to the main living area of the home, women homeowners want to extend the style and decor of their kitchens to their laundry rooms," Ms. Settecase said.

There were two main elements around which women homeowners would redesign their laundry room--the storage and counter space (48 percent) and the laundry appliance pair (33 percent).

Sears Kenmore is bringing three new washer-dryer colors to the laundry room to bring options for homeowners who want to change their laundry appliance pair. The new colors include: Pacific Blue (a deeply saturated slate-blue), Champagne (a beige color with flecks of iridescence), and Sedona (a deep red-orange terra cotta color).

Many women homeowners said they were willing to spend thousands of dollars to get the laundry room of their dreams. Thirty-four percent said they would be willing to pay U.S. $1,000 to $2,000 for a makeover, and 21 percent would be willing to spend more than $2,000.

"In summary, the survey illustrates the need of consumers to have input into the appliance choices for their homes, and while most homeowners are unhappy in their laundry rooms they are ready, willing, and able to do something about it," Ms. Settecase said.

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