CFC Refrigerators to be Phased Out in India
Jan 13, 2005
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With the financial support of Montreal Protocol Multilateral Fund (MLF), the Indian government will procure 9,000 kits to convert CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) running refrigerators in the country into HC (hydrocarbon) systems as part of the National ODS Phase-out Plan (NOPP).

The Department of Environment (DoE) will launch the drive for retrofitting CFC12 gas running refrigerators in April 2005 after procurement of the kits from countries that have proficiency in this technology.

Sources from the DoE said India has around 28 lakh (28,000) refrigerators running with CFC12 gas, which should be phased-out completely by 2010 in compliance with the Montreal Protocol, a comprehensive global environment policy adopted in 1987 and signed by Bangladesh in 1990.

The DoE said it would be too expensive for Bangladesh to discard the large number of refrigerators, which is why the Doe created a project to make household appliances operational and environment-friendly.

Under the program, the DoE will arrange training programs at divisional and district levels to provide hands-on training to technicians on use of the kits and conversion of the refrigerators.

Sources said the HC technology is a very cost-effective conversion system largely used by the East European countries. However, some Asian countries including, India and China, have also developed the technology.

Considering the regional aspects, Bangladesh is mulling over using the experience and technology of the Asian countries, as it may be easy for local technicians to understand and grasp it in a sustainable way, said DoE.

In HC refrigerators, a Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is used instead of chlorofluorocarbon to make the refrigerators environment-friendly.

Hydrocarbon technology is completely free from chlorine, which is mainly responsible for depletion of Ozone Layer.

According 2003 reports, India's total import of different types of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) in various sectors was about 506.86 metric tons, about 287.41 metric tons of that total was from the CFC12 used in refrigerators.

DoE officials said successful implementation of the NOPP largely depends on proper retrofitting of the large number of refrigerators in the country. (, The New Nation)

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