Samsung to Offer 'Zero-Pixel-Defect' LCD Warranty
Dec 31, 2004
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Samsung Electronics Co., one of the world's largest liquid crystal display (LCD) makers, said it will offer a so-called zero-pixel-defect warranty for LCD monitors sold in South Korea.

Under the policy, which is to be effective as of January 1, Samsung Electronics said it will replace LCD monitors for free if customers find a single defective pixel in the flat-panel screens within 6 months of purchase.

The policy is aimed at meeting customers' need for perfect-quality LCD monitors, Kim Soo-bong, executive vice president of Samsung's Image and Display Business division, said in a statement.

A Samsung Electronics spokesman also said the company didn't decide yet whether to expand the policy worldwide.

Using current LCD manufacturing technology, it is considered difficult to make a large LCD panel with zero defects. In general, LCD makers have regarded a panel with less than six defective pixels as normal, Samsung said. (Yonhap)

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