South Korea Considers Suit Against Australia's Anti-Dumping Tariffs
Dec 27, 2004
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South Korea is considering filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization against Australia's allegedly unfair trade practices, officials said.

"As Australia has recently imposed anti-dumping tariffs on a number of South Korean products, we are trying to see if these measures violate WTO regulations," an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said.

According to ministry officials, the Australian government is currently imposing anti-dumping duties on eight South Korean products, and is moving to take action against four more. The South Korean complaint is mainly over shipments of laundry machines produced and exported by LG Electronics, one of South Korea's leading home appliance makers.

The Australian government began anti-dumping probes in 2002 on three South Korean laundry machine manufacturers, according to the South Korean ministry, and concluded in September 2003 that products by Samsung and Daewoo were being dumped.

Suspicions against LG were initially dropped, ministry officials said, but the Australian government has recently reopened its probe on LG, and imposed anti-dumping tariffs of 2 to 10 percent, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, the Australian government is also moving to open anti-dumping investigations against refrigerators by four South Korean manufacturers, according to the South Korean ministry. The move comes at the request of Australian manufacturers, and the Australian government is expected to decide whether to investigate the suspicions, the ministry said. (Yonhap)

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