Toshiba Forms HD DVD Promotion Group
Dec 23, 2004
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Toshiba Corp. and its partners announced that it has formed a group to promote its HD DVD format for next-generation DVDs in a bid to counter another camp that is offering a different format.

The managing members of the HD DVD Promotion Group are Toshiba, Memory-Tech Corp., NEC Corp., and Sanyo Electric Co., Toshiba officials said.

The group said it will provide technical information to electronics manufacturers and DVD software producers to facilitate production of DVD players and software meeting the HD DVD format.

Some 90 companies are expected to join the group whose inaugural meeting will take place next March, the group said.

Pushing the different format has been the Blu-ray Disc Association, led by Sony Corp. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.

The HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc camps are expected to intensify their competition to woo software producers for their respective formats for next-generation DVDs that feature higher definition and greater capacity.

Software producers may join both groups in order to get technical information about the two different formats. (Kyodo News)

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