EU Members Support Tax Incentives on Vietnamese Goods
Dec 23, 2004
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Twenty-three out of 25 member countries of the European Union (EU) have shown their support for a proposal to continue giving Vietnamese goods the EU Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) status in the 2006-15 period, according to the Ministry of Trade.

The proposal was put to vote during a recent meeting of trade officials of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

The GSP scheme has been applied by the EU since 1971, with the aim of helping developing countries approach the EU market easier. It grants products imported from GSP beneficiary countries either duty-free access or a tariff reduction depending on which of GSP arrangements the country enjoys.

To qualify for the GSP, developing countries have to implement several commitments, which include ensuring the interests of laborers, protecting the environment, and fighting drug trafficking and abuse.

The EU is now Vietnam's largest import market. The country earns more than U.S. $3 billion from exports to this market annually. (VNA, Asia Pulse)

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